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Premium Freeze Dried Blackworms for Aquatic Pets | Super Cichlids

Premium Freeze Dried Blackworms for Aquatic Pets | Super Cichlids

Super Cichlids

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Super Cichlids | Freeze Dried Blackworms 

🐛 Freeze Dried Blackworms: A Gourmet Treat for Your Fish!

Farm-Fresh Quality: Sourced from controlled conditions using pure spring water and specialized feeds, Aquarem blackworms are frozen and freeze-dried, with no preservatives added. 

High Protein Content: Boost your fish's health and color with this excellent food source, suitable for both freshwater and marine fish.

Easy Feeding: No rehydration needed! Just press a cube onto your aquarium's glass. Your fish will love nibbling and ripping individual blackworms. Feed at day's end and combine with other feeds.

Storage Made Simple: Keep the worms in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. The bag contains a food-grade oxygen absorber (Do Not Consume) to ensure freshness.

Indulge your aquatic pets with this protein-packed feast. Freeze Dried Blackworms – they'll make a splash at mealtime! 🐠🍴


Black Worms

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein 66%
Fat 13%
Fiber 0.2%
Ash 5%


Adult Size

6-7 Inches

Current Water Conditions

Stendker Discus are raised in the following freshwater parameters:

Total Hardness (GH)15
Carbonate hardness (KH) 8
PH value 7
Conductance 800µS
Water temperature 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit

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Live Discus are not eligible for returns

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The best customer service ever! And the products are also amazing and shipping was extremely fast!
THANK YOU TINA!!! Beyond appreciated!

Noel Gutierrez
Love this product

Love this product and delivery was fast. Highly recomended a+++++