Shipping Info & FAQ

Shipping Information

At Stendker Discus USA, located in Dover, Delaware, we prioritize the safe, efficient, and fast delivery of both Stendker frozen food and live Stendker Discus. We exclusively use FedEx Priority overnight shipping and offer a live arrival guarantee (See Live Arrival Guarantee page for more information) to ensure the quality of your order upon delivery. To place an order, please visit our website and follow the secure online ordering process.

Live Discus - FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping fees is a Flat $69.99.

Frozen Food - 2nd Day Shipping Calculated at Checkout 

Please Note: If you order both Frozen Food and Live Discus at the same time the shipping totals will be combined at checkout ($69.99 + Frozen Calculated Rate) but will be shipped separately

We utilize three sizes of insulated shipping boxes to maintain the integrity of your order during transit.  Our system will automatically select the correct size box for shipment.  If there is an error and a different box size is required we will notify you prior to shipping your order.

Frequency ask Questions

Q. My live Stendker Discus order is delayed; What should I do?

A.  If you experience a delay with your live Stendker Discus order, please don't be concerned. We use best practices in shipping that allow the discus to withstand delays of several days. In the unlikely event that your order does arrive with DOA (Dead on Arrival) due to FedEx shipping delays, we will issue you a store credit for both the shipping costs and the discus.