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Stendker | Solid Turquoise

Stendker | Solid Turquoise

Stendker Discus USA

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Size (± .25")

Adult Size

6-7 Inches

Current Water Conditions

Stendker Discus are raised in the following freshwater parameters:

Total Hardness (GH)15
Carbonate hardness (KH) 8
PH value 7
Conductance 800µS
Water temperature 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit

Shipping & Returns


All shipments of live Discus are sent Monday through Thursday for overnight delivery, weather permitting.


Live Discus are not eligible for returns

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark Chapman
First Experience with Stendker Discus USA Positive

I'd been waiting quite a while for my local fish store to get discus in, without success. They recommended Stendker Discus USA and I can tell you my first experience (a 3.5" Solid Turquoise and a 3.5" Red Scribbles) resulted in two very healthy and good looking fish to add to my collection. Thank you very much and I look forward to getting several more in the near future.

Wonderful fish =)

I received my solid turquoise discus a few weeks ago, and I was immediately impressed by how beautiful and healthy it was. The shape is fantastic. I already have four discus from my local fish store, and as much as I love them, they're nowhere near the quality of this discus. After a quarantine period, the new fish is in with the rest of the group and doing really well! (In the photos, the new fish looks a little roughed up from the initial introductions, but they're getting along now.)

As for the color, it varies widely according to lighting. Certain angles appear a turquoise-blue, others are deep navy, and with the light behind this fish, it actually glows orange. As you can see, this fish has some dark bars, which I love. If you want a really solid turquoise, it may not be your cup of tea, but I'm super happy. The shipping was great and they even called to follow up and make sure it had all gone well!

Barna W.
Beautiful fish!

I received this fish yesterday here in Colorado. The fish arrived well packaged, healthy, feisty and acclimated quickly to it's new home.